The catalog below was our 1918 edition published 34 years after the company was founded in 1884 by Mr. Arthur Harris. A coppersmith by trade, he opened a metal fabrication shop on Chicago’s near west side. The copper floats made in those early years were a natural extension of other work done at the time. The fact is, today we no longer produce any copper floats. Stainless steel is the product of choice today.


Throughout our history, we have learned what it takes to make quality products for our customers. We have also learned the value of being a good vendor that delivers on its’ promises.

We have the knowledge to produce almost any type float you might require as well as offer all of the components used to make many of the floats and tanks we currently produce.┬áIf you don’t see the exact item you are looking for simply call an Arthur Harris sales representative. New items are created all the time for specific customer requirements.